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The ambition of becoming a barber is strongly connected to the childhood memories of Alexander Velios, better known as Torreto. As a child he grew up together with his grandfather in XXX, a small town in Greece. Together with his Grandfather he visited the local barber and was confronted with the old school gentleman mentality. Having respect towards older people,  greeting men with a proper handshake and just talking about live impressed him. He started to look up to them as some kind of heroes as their where untouchable in their shops, built strong relationships with their customers and broke the rules of society. It was not important where you were working at or what you do in live. It was important who you was, how you treated people and show respect for each other. The culture of real Barbers led to his dream of becoming one of them. 

But before we jump to the point in Alex´s live where he became Torreto we need to understand how he grew up. As we already know he grew up in Greece but his father, who lived in Germany, wanted him to visit a proper German school. Therefore, he traveled back and visited a school in Frankfurt. Having his problems with authority he nearly doped out and managed it to obtain a "Hauptschulabschluss", the lowest degree you can reach in Germany. During this time in his live he began to ask himself what he wanted to become and why is he doing what he does. Not having the correct answer to all if these questions he started to work on his qualification and started a degree in electromechanics.